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What ALL Single, Christian Ladies Need to Know About Dating and Waiting

I’d hoped that I’d meet my husband and get married in my 20’s, but that didn’t happen. Instead I dated a lot in my 20’s and early 30’s. In fact, my sisters will sometimes say, “Remember that guy you went out with? He did blah, blah, blah?” Half the time I can’t remember, and I swear they are

What Do Snakes Mean in Dreams?

Dreaming about snakes is pretty common in today’s culture. Unfortunately, if you look for answers about those dreams through new age dream interpretation you will say something like this: Snakes could represent your intuition or spiritual aspects of yourself; what moves you from the depths of your soul or your instincts. Snakes can mean transition and

Jesus Didn’t Die to Make You Comfortable

Comfort is a hot commodity in this world. We want our bellies filled. We want nice clothes, cars and homes. We want job security. The reality is we want our flesh gratified at all times. And yet Romans 8:6 says, “For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the

Mountaintop Prescription For Identity Crisis

Who are you? It’s the question my friend, the budding life coach, asked me during a girl’s fun get-a-way up on top of a mountain. Seems simple, right? Ummm … The day before I was begging God to “Fix me. Strike me with a bolt of lightening, if you have to, God!” I’ve been frustrated,

Seeing Numbers – What Do They Mean?

When you live and work in a prophetic culture, you are either getting a “word” daily, believing for a “word,” or trying to decipher your “word” and your friend’s too. The same can be true for numbers. Lately, I’ve heard people say, “I keep seeing the number one everywhere.” For example, you look at the