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Mountaintop Prescription For Identity Crisis

Who are you? It’s the question my friend, the budding life coach, asked me during a girl’s fun get-a-way up on top of a mountain. Seems simple, right? Ummm … The day before I was begging God to “Fix me. Strike me with a bolt of lightening, if you have to, God!” I’ve been frustrated,

Seeing Numbers – What Do They Mean?

When you live and work in a prophetic culture, you are either getting a “word” daily, believing for a “word,” or trying to decipher your “word” and your friend’s too. The same can be true for numbers. Lately, I’ve heard people say, “I keep seeing the number one everywhere.” For example, you look at the

Waiting for the “Big One”

Sometimes my husband will say jokingly, “We’re just waiting on the big one.” It’s a phrase his Pawpaw used to say, meaning waiting for something bigger, better, and new. Similar to a fisherman who wants to catch “a big one” or “the big one.” My realistic mind, says, “That is completely irresponsible.” My spiritual filter says,

The One Lesson I Learned From “The Wizard of Oz”

“We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!’ I have had that song playing in my head for a week. It’s probably because I’ve been reading the first book in L. Frank Baum’s 14 book series, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. In fact, I just finished it, and right around the last

Instructions in the Night

Have you ever wanted to really find something, like your keys? Or maybe you were searching for someone? I’m going to focus on the ‘someone’ for this blog post. Recently, my cousin came to visit, before she left she said that she was going to be making some stops before she went home. One of