Cultivating an Atmosphere of Thankfulness

I’m on this kick of intentionally practicing thankfulness. So far I am happier, more positive and less focused on problems.  You may have read my post a few weeks ago, The Supernatural Power of Thankfulness, where I talked about the power of thankfulness along with the value. If you didn’t you should. You will be

What Do Snakes Mean in Dreams?

Dreaming about snakes is pretty common in today’s culture. Unfortunately, if you look for answers about those dreams through new age dream interpretation you will say something like this: Snakes could represent your intuition or spiritual aspects of yourself; what moves you from the depths of your soul or your instincts. Snakes can mean transition and

You Know This Single Christian Man is Flakey When …

Last week I wrote the post, “How Not to be a Granola Bar Christian.” Since I wrote it I can’t believe how many flakey (immature) dating stories I’ve heard. I mean it’s ridiculous!!! I just couldn’t help myself by writing another similar post. This time these stories are not fictionalized. They are recent, real stories