Tour of Light: Declaring and Prophesying in NYC

Recently, I took a trip to New York City for the first time. Originally I thought I was just going to support my friend who felt lead to go to the city; however, deep inside I knew God had something for me too. So as the time drew closer I started to ask God, “What do

Plea of an Incurable Fanatic

This story is written by my friend, Rumbi Mudzonga. I liked it so much I asked her if she would allow me to publish it on my blog. Please note it is a work of fiction and any resemblance to an actual person is purely coincidental. I stopped dead in my tracks. With my heart

God Can Use An Atheist Through “Noah”

I have to admit I’ve been caught up with all the controversy of the “Noah” film since I saw the movie several days ago. This post will not talk about the specifics of the film, because I’m looking at the film as a whole. Most bloggers are picking a part and talking about each individual