My Free Gift to You – Merry Christmas!

It is the season of giving and that’s why I’m giving away my book “Last Night I Had A Dream.” And not just for one day – for three weeks! All I ask is that you give back. Just write a review on Amazon. It could be one sentence or several paragraphs. Sounds easy, right?!

5 Ways to Talk to Your Children About Their Dreams

We don’t have any children, but we will soon. Baby Bingle is headed our way in January 2015! As I ponder her future, I wonder how I’m going to teach her some of the things that I know she won’t learn at school or in a text book anywhere. I want to talk to her

God Can Talk to You About Your Marriage Through a Dream

I had a dream recently where I was at work and a co-worker told me about another job. She told me that this other business was very interested in me and would hire me. She also said that she would set up the interview. Before I interviewed I started planning to move, which did not