Why Your Loved Ones Aren’t Saved

I go through these spurts of praying for certain family members and friends to receive salvation or come back to Jesus. I have prayed in the spirit, cried, fasted, declared, rebuked, bound of up spirits, called for the scales to fall off their eyes all to no avail and exhaustion on my part. When I

Half-Empty or Half-Full?

A couple days ago I felt the Lord ask me if my glass was half empty or half full? It’s a question I’ve heard people ask before. I knew the right response to showcase my positive heart would be to say, “My glass is half full, Lord.” But who can lie to God? The reality

Cultivating an Atmosphere of Thankfulness

I’m on this kick of intentionally practicing thankfulness. So far I am happier, more positive and less focused on problems.  You may have read my post a few weeks ago, The Supernatural Power of Thankfulness, where I talked about the power of thankfulness along with the value. If you didn’t you should. You will be