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5 Ways to Talk to Your Children About Their Dreams

kids dreamWe don’t have any children, but we will soon. Baby Bingle is headed our way in January 2015!

As I ponder her future, I wonder how I’m going to teach her some of the things that I know she won’t learn at school or in a text book anywhere. I want to talk to her about her dreams and how when her soul sleeps at night, her spirit goes on wild adventures and when we wake up in the morning we have something to talk to the Lord about.

Currently, I’m working to publish a children’s book called, “Eating Chocolate Swords: A Lesson Learned From A Dream.” It’s a fun book with great imagery that will introduce children to the world of dreams and talking to God about them. I also think it will help parents learn how to talk to their kids about dreams.

So in today’s post I give 5 ways to encourage and talk to your kids about dreams, but first, let’s start with a refresher on the importance of dreams.

What the Bible Says About Dreams

Dreams, or the variation of the word, are mentioned about 100 times in the Bible. I find it interesting that in the first two chapters of the New Testament, five dreams are mentioned and they all relate to the birth of Jesus. If dreams were important then, and God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, then dreams are still important today. You should pay attention to your dreams and teach your children to do the same because God speaks through them (Numbers 12:6); He gives gifts/impartation (1 Kings 3:12); direction (Matthew 2:19, 20); counsel (Psalm 16:7); instruction (Job 33: 14-17); warning (Gen. 20:3); and tells the future through dreams (Gen. 40:12,13). 

How to Talk to Your Children About Dreams

 Ask Them in the Morning If They Had Any Dreams. Then Listen.

Be open-minded about dreams and give the message that they are normal and important. Perhaps it becomes normal at your house to talk about dreams every morning at the breakfast table.

Ask Questions

Ask them who was in the dream, how they felt during the dream, how it started and how it ended? This can help you understand the source of the dream, and what it might mean.

Write Down Their Dreams

Start a dream journal for each of your children. Then when they are older, they can start to write down their own dreams. You could even give them a voice recorder.

Encourage Dream Talk

Talking about dreams can be fun, but be careful not to say things like, “That’s silly.” Encourage them to share and make it safe. You can even encourage them to draw scenes from their dreams.

Interpreting Dreams

You don’t have to be an expert in this area, but you can point them to the one that is – Jesus. Pray with your children about their dreams and teach them how to hear from God about them.

 You can read more about dreams and how to talk to God about your dreams to receive understanding through my latest ebook, Last Night I Had A Dream. 


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