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Are You Called To Be Single For The Rest Of Your Life?

Do you wonder why you are not married yet? What does purity really look like in a relationship before marriage? How far is too far? How do you choose a spouse?

Jaimee Bingle brings insightful, biblical, and transparent responses to these questions and others that single, Christian women wonder about, but may never ask anyone. She also shares her own dating experiences during conversations she had with her friend and former student-worker, Rumbi Sizemore.

Learn the real do’s and don’ts of Christian dating. The Q & A conversation style of the book is bound to transform your heart, and bring a fresh revelation about your current single situation.

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Did You Know God Can Speak Through Dreams?

An adventurous dream about a lion, knight and dragon takes Danny on a journey to find out what biblical truth God is trying to teach him. Children will learn that God speaks through dreams, how they can talk to God about their dreams and also a lesson on the armor of God as mentioned in Ephesians 6:10-18. Plus, parents will learn how to discuss spiritual warfare and dreams with their children.

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Do You Dream A Lot? Do You Wonder What They Mean?

Many people miss out on dream communication with God because they are too busy to pay attention to their dreams, or worse, they don’t believe that God speaks through them. I wrote this short, and to-the-point ebook for two reasons: to show the importance of dreams as a way in which God pursues us and communicates to us; and to teach others how to talk to God about their dreams and receive understanding from Him.

As you read this ebook, I believe you will begin to see biblical foundation and importance for dreaming. It will increase your faith to receive dreams from God and the confidence to interpret with the Holy Spirit as your guide. You’ll see that God is pursuing you all the time, even in your sleep. It is an expression of His love toward you!

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Life on the Fringe CoverHow Desperate Are You For A Touch From God?

The nameless woman with the issue of blood who was mentioned in the Gospels was so desperate she broke the law and pushed through the crowds just to touch Jesus. All she could grab was the fringe of His robe. But it was that one faithful touch that moved Jesus to adopt, heal, redeem, restore and so much more than she was asking for.

This book includes an intense study of this desperate woman as told through Joan McClendon’s healing process and the revelation given to her from God. It also includes nearly 40 testimonies of other women and their pursuit of Jesus to overcome addiction, grief/loss, marital problems, physical illness, lack of identity, unforgiveness, brokenness, etc.

In your life, what are you desperate to be set free from? This book may help you receive the healing you have been praying for.

If you enjoyed this book, please leave a comment and tell a friend about it. For more information about “Life on the Fringe,” watch this interview on ABC with the authors.

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