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Jesus Didn’t Die to Make You Comfortable

Comfort is a hot commodity in this world.

We want our bellies filled.
We want nice clothes, cars and homes.
We want job security.

The reality is we want our flesh gratified at all times. And yet Romans 8:6 says, “For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.”

So why do we want things that bring death? I’ll tell you why, because it’s painful to kill our flesh. And killing the flesh means being uncomfortable.

A Rough Ride
A couple of days ago I had a dream that I was trying to get onto a large aircraft. I was in the tunnel between the aircraft and the ticket counter, but I was having such a hard time getting to the plane. There were so many obstacles and I wanted to give up, but I knew I had to get on this plane and it was leaving very soon.

Then someone came up to me and said, “If you can’t even get on the plane, how do you think you’re going to handle the ride?”

It made me work harder to get on the plane. I thought, “I’ll show you. I can get on this plane.” Once I did, and before I got to my seat, the plane took off and immediately started doing flips, spins and dives. I was literally hanging on to my seat belt upside down and all around.

I did notice that some people didn’t even flinch. In fact, they kept drinking coffee, reading their books. They didn’t even notice the crazy ride. They were not disturbed in the least. The whole time I kept thinking, “Why can’t we just fly normal? When is this going to stop?” And somehow I knew this was the way it was and it wasn’t changing anytime soon.”

I’ve been sitting on this dream for two days and all I can sum up about this dream is that it was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. But I chose to get on the plane knowing that somehow the ride was going to be harder than actually getting on the plane.

I think in life we make choices, hope they are the right ones and when the outcome is uncomfortable we get all upset and wonder if we made the right decision? What did I do wrong?

I know there are some definitely uncomfortable situations going on in my life and you know what? That’s just the way it is for me right now.

Here’s What God Told Me

He said he didn’t come to this earth and die on the cross to make me comfortable. Ouch!

It’s true. It’s evident in His own life. He didn’t live in comfort in birth (born in a stinky manger), death (crucifixion) or the years in between. And yet, He is the Comforter and Prince of Peace. He slept in the midst of a storm. He calmed the winds with the peace from within him.

This dream just put some things into perspective for me. Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean I give up (and not get on the plane). And just because the outcome from a choice I made doesn’t feel good (bumpy plane ride), it doesn’t mean I’m out of balance spiritually. It doesn’t mean I need to make a 9-1-1 phone call to God.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 12.52.27 PMI don’t think taking up our cross and following Him was meant to make us feel good every second of our walk with Him. I think this walk with Christ is meant to be uncomfortable to that we can grow and bear fruit, plus know that Jesus didn’t die on the cross to make us comfortable.


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