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Rainbow Tornado Headed Our Way

During the month of July we did some traveling. One of the places we visited was Gulf Shores, Alabama – a nice get-a-way beach spot.

One night in our hotel room I woke up in the middle of the night after this dream:

I just pulled up to a house with a bunch of folks I did not know. When I got out of the vehicle I looked up at the dark sky and told everyone that I knew a storm was coming. When we went into the house I told everyone there that a storm was coming and that they should get the basement ready for everyone to go down into. In the meantime, I was going to go outside and look for the storm. As soon as I went outside and looked up at the sky I saw a huge tornado that was rainbow colored, but this cloud was unusual. It looked like a spinning top – you know the toy that is heavy at the top and a small point at the bottom. That’s exactly what this looked like. I remembered wishing I had my phone so I could take a picture. I knew this was an anomaly and I would never see it again. I went inside the house and told everyone that it was time to go down into the basement, though I wondered if that would even help because of the magnitude of this storm. I told them to look out the window and when they did, they saw the rainbow tornado headed straight for the house. We all went down into the basement. 

When I woke up I remember thinking that that was a pretty significant dream. I went back to sleep for a few more hours. I woke up to thunder. I went outside to our balcony and saw a dark sky with a  huge rainbow over the ocean.

Later that day, a friend that Nathan hadn’t talked to in a while sent two pictures of rainbows that he had taken that day. One looks like a small funnel cloud that is rainbow colored! One is at ground-level. I think God was speaking to us from the sky that day.

Now meteorologically speaking, a tornado can not suck up a rainbow and a tornado is not rainbow colored.

I think the dream means that God is in the storm that is coming (because it’s vibrant). He moves with pin-point precision (bottom of the top). A storm that he brings is full of promises (the rainbow stands for promises), but perhaps this storm will be unusual and massive. Tornados ruin things. Perhaps God is going to stir things up (tornado). It could be messy for a while, but if we are positioned correctly (in the shelter)  we will be safe. Also, it never hurts to go back to the foundation (basement) of your faith and study it. Remind yourself why you believe what you believe about yourself and God. Then when the storm hits, you will not be shaken or moved.

Has anyone else had dreams of storms or things to come? Please share.



3 Responses to Rainbow Tornado Headed Our Way

  1. KarlaB says:

    This is a very interesting post, with a positive, yet with a warning, interpretation. I admit that the rainbow immediately gave me some additional thoughts. God’s promises are true. Even during a time of severe falling away, trials and persecution, there will be a remnant who will choose to cling to the Rock that is Christ Jesus and not let go, and God will keep His promise. I am often reminded even in these evil days, that God did promise to pour out His Spirit on all flesh in the last days.

  2. Scott says:

    Yes I have had the same dream

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