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What Do Snakes Mean in Dreams?

Dreaming about snakes is pretty common in today’s culture. Unfortunately, if you look for answers about those dreams through new age dream interpretation you will say something like this:

  • Snakes could represent your intuition or spiritual aspects of yourself; what moves you from the depths of your soul or your instincts.
  • Snakes can mean transition and transformation.
  • Snakes are a symbol of your unconscious.

In my opinion, those are all a bunch of bunk. I have found that the scientific and biblical explanations are truth through personal experience.

Scientifically, Sigmond Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, the snake is primarily a phallic symbol representing the penis and sexual drive. A Freudian interpretation of a snake dream emphasizes your relationship to sexuality and male figures in your life. Some of the dreams I have had with snakes were sexually perverted in nature. Most of the time snakes will represent lust, fornication, perversion, etc.

I have a couple of examples of snake dreams that I’d like to share with you though that are non-sexual in nature. About a year ago, my husband and I were sleeping. I had a dream that I was on a raft going down a river that was just snakes, no water. I seemed to realize that this ride was considered an amusement or entertainment ride. There were people in front of me on a raft and they would come under these vines and pull them and when they did, snakes came down on them. When I came under the vines, I did not pull them. Therefore I stayed safe on my raft, though I was surrounded by snakes.

At the same time, my husband was dreaming that there was a witch in our house. I woke up to him praying in the spirit while still asleep and myself seeming paralyzed. We eventually were able to get up and go to our prayer room. This was not the time for a little prayer, this was warfare and we were under attack. We prayed for an hour in the spirit and declared and decreed God’s truth’s over us. We broke the power of witchcraft, divination, the accusing tongue, lust, gossip and slander over our household. I had wondered if it had come in through the gateway of entertainment. We repented for that as well and closed all open doors to the demonic realm.

Recently, I had a dream about a friend. We were lying next to each other in bed and she was squiggling like a snake. She then asked me for a hug. I gave her one, barely touching her. She literally squeezed the life out of me. I woke up and called her. I knew immediately that there was sin from fornication in her life. In the natural I knew that she kept getting dates with perverted men and couldn’t figure out why. I also knew her job was sucking the life out of her. She repented for open doors to fornication and we closed them, believing that she would not attract that perverted spirit that some men carried. I also prayed for the spirit of death to be broken over her life and asked the Lord to increase her spirituality with Him.

These are just two examples, both negative. Let me be a little clearer with what snakes could mean by giving you this list. Remember these are just guidelines. God speaks to us each individually. Ask Him what the snake means in your dream. Also, if you don’t know what kind of snake it is in your dream, you might be able to tell by what it’s doing? Overall, I think most snakes represent sexual things, but below are examples of other things.

Types of Snakes and What They Could Mean

Snakes typically represent satan as the cunning accuser. As the snake he also represents slander/lies/gossip, lust/fornication, divination/witchcraft. They may represent other things to you. Here are some examples:

Cobras – usually represent a vicious attack that is hard and fast. They are dangerous. (Maybe this was the snake that approached Eve in Genesis 3?)

Anacondas/Pythons – they can squeeze the life out of you or they can squeeze out your spirituality. They represent death.

Vipers – usually represent slander, lies, or gossip. (Or perhaps this was the snake that approached Eve?)

Black Snakes – Eat poisonous snakes. Perhaps a snake that is not harmful. (I wonder if Aaron’s snake was black when it swallowed the magicians staffs/snakes in front of Pharaoh in Exodus 7:12?)

When we moved into our apartment, we walked out of the leasing office and a big, fat four foot snake was in our path. The folks who live there said they never ever see snakes here. Nathan and I asked the Lord what that meant. It seemed significant to us. A friend later confirmed that in the mountains of North Carolina, the people like black snakes because they eat the poisonous ones. We took that as a foreshadow that some nasty things might be on the horizon, but not to fear. The black snake would eat the other snakes before they got to us. Let me tell you I went through a period where there were some terrible lies told to me. That person is no longer in my life.

So Why Am I Having Snake Dreams?

If you have had negative snake dreams, ask the Lord to help you determine what the snake means. If you’ve opened yourself up to fornication, you need to repent and close that door. If you’ve engaged in gossip, you must repent and close that door. There is nothing you can’t take to the Lord and receive freedom from. We just have to take it to Him, repent and then cover that door with the blood of Jesus. Then you should not be tormented by snake dreams.

What kind of snake dreams have you had recently? What did the Lord tell you about them?












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